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Trail Improvement Project

Grafton, WI

The Trail Improvement Project is a momentous project to make a significant safety, transportation, and aesthetic improvement along a section of the Ozaukee Interurban Trail.  This project replaces approximately 2 miles of on-road designated trail with 1.3 miles of off-road paved trail segment and the construction of a 415 foot long pedestrian / bicycle bridge over County HWY W and I-43 in the Town of Grafton (north of Ulao Parkway).

This project takes pedestrian / bicycle traffic off the busy, high-speed County Highway and provides a safe and scenic trail passing Fire Ridge Gold Course, hardwood woodlands, and several small wetlands between Grafton and Port Washington.

This Trail Improvement Project:

  • Utilizes a small portion of Terminal Road and then exit this road at the crest of the hill, which has good visibility

  • Constructs new off-road trail segment that would eliminate the use of County Highway W

  • Constructs a pedestrian/bike bridge over I-43 that woulkd divert traffic off of Ulao Bridge and Ulao Parkway

  • Construction of new Trail east of I-43 on the existing We Energies right-of-way which eliminates the Trial traveling on Ridgewood Road

  • Overall, the project improves the safety of the Trail for all users

Project Timeline

March 2009: Construction began 

May 2009:  Support structures completed

September 2009:  All construction completed (bridge and Trail connections)

April 2009:  Support structures were under construction

June 2009:  Deck supports installed and free-span deck installed

October 2009:  Bridge celebration / ribbon cutting

Project Photos

Proposed Bridge Rendering by Terry Mooney

Completed Bridge



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